Ridiculous Wedding Fiascos Sure to Cause Bridezilla to Hulk

There comes a day when you find the love of your life and commit to love them until death do you part: your wedding day. Stereotypically, girls dream of this special day; from what to wear, to the decorations, the cake, the photography, and everything else.

Everything has to be perfect! Right? Well…unfortunately, it doesn’t always go as planned. Whether it was intended or not, these wedding pictures reveal some pretty unexpected turns!

Bicycle built for nude

This couple accidentally scheduled their wedding for the same exact day and at the same location as the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride.  Did the bride freak out or what?

Nope, they totally took things in stride and even incorporated some nude strangers into their wedding pics! You know their marriage will last, with that kind of open-minded flexibility and lightheartedness.