10 Hottest Transgender Individuals Who Found Success as Female Models

10. Lauren Foster (South Africa)


Lauren Foster is a 57-year-old South African model. She is one of the world’s most recognized TG women, having been one of the first to pose for VOGUE magazine (Mexico).

Through her early years and puberty, Foster identified as a female and was diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome, where, instead of having the traditional XY chromosome pattern, she had the genotype XXY.

Lauren started working as a model in Johannesburg and then Paris and was featured regularly in magazines and advertisements. However, she was disqualified from the Miss South Africa Pageant. Her big break was in 1980 when she was hired by Vogue to do a six page fashion editorial. In 2000, she began working with the iconic performer Grace Jones. In 2001, Foster appeared in a cameo in Dirk Shafer’s movie Circuit.

She lives in Miami Beach and Cape Town and is married. She also is the first transgender woman to be featured regularly on The Real Housewives franchise. (Source)