10 Men, in the Existence of Which is Hard to Believe

Each of us is unique. With this statement it’s hard to argue, and, while globalization coupled with mass culture has done its job — now in any country of the world people can listen to The Beatles, wear jeans and drive a Ford Focus, two identical men do not exist. Anyone is unique!

This is especially true for 10 extraordinary men whom this article is dedicated to: very much unlike the others. Perhaps they can be called the most unusual people on Earth.



10. Indonesian Dede Koswara called a human tree. The fact is that the warts that began to grow all over his body after he scraped his knee has reached truly terrifying proportions. Subsequently, the grandfather was diagnosed with “dysplasia Lewandowski-Lucca”. It is a disease in which violated the processes of tissue growth and whole body begin to grow warts. Having tried many attempts to heal and so not having succeeded, Dede died in February 2016.