15 Celebrities Whose ‘First Time’ Was Probably A Lot Hotter Than Yours

Every movie out there teaches us that losing your virginity is a huuuge deal. But they mostly show you two ways you can lose it: find a random stranger to have sex with and get it done, over with, finito, dunzo, almost as if this right of passage had no consequences, (STDs anyone?), or…find someone who’s really special (even better if you’re in love), and plan the most delightful evening at a secret hot spot and lose your “V-card” in an epic, almost straight out of a movie scene way. But there’s a secret option number three, reserved only for a lucky few: dating a celebrity and losing your mind and your virginity to them. Check out the stories of how these 20 luckier-than-life starlets swiped their V-card in some rather interesting ways.

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Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene

Sticking to that little promise you made to God must’ve been really hard when you have hot singer actress friends like Ashley Greene, who Joe Jonas reportedly dated when he was 20 years old. Better start praying for forgiveness! We’re pretty sure he’ll understand.