16 No-Makeup Photos Reveal What Celebrities REALLY Look Like

“Oh my God, there’s no way that’s her,” “See? This is why you take her swimming on the first date,” “Hollywood is nothing but a lie!” We’ve all heard these things before, and some of us are guilty of even saying them at some point in our lives. Even though beauty is debatable, we can all agree when I say Hollywood IS an illusion. But beauty is also diverse! Some of us will claim their fantasies have been ruined, while others will see these pictures of celebrities without makeup as another layer to their beauty. With or without makeup, these women are beautiful, and for some of them, their beauty is inherently tied to their incredible talents. Check out these shots to see what these celebs’ faces look like without any makeup enhancing techniques.



1. Mila Kunis may have been caught at a bad angle.

But she’s still got that “girl next door” sexy look. At first glance, you wouldn’t think it was her, or that she looked gracefully, but imagine having a bunch of paparazzis trying to snap a bad photo of you, 24/7?