6 Easy Ways to Recognize a Steroid User

If they don’t want to admit it, know it with these simple tips


It’s not bad that some athletes use steroids to achieve great results in a short time, but it’s annoying that some steroid users don’t want to admit it. There are those who hide it as if it was the biggest secret and lie to those who want to know the truth.

If you think that people you know might be using steroids but don’t want to admit to it, here are six ways that will help you point out dem steroid users.


1. The Big Gut


In recent years, we see more and more bodybuilders who have bloated stomachs, and while it may not always be caused by steroids, there is a high chance that folks with the big gut juice. Also, the big gut may be the result of using too much insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and growth hormone (GH), but if a person uses IGF-1 and GH, they probably use steroids too.


2. Abnormal Development of Upper Body Muscles


Due to the reason that upper body muscles have more androgen receptors, steroid users often grow an abnormally big upper body. On the other hand, lower body muscles have fewer androgen receptors, and so grow at a slower rate.

Of course, all muscles get bigger, but they don’t grow at the same rate, so it may result in a large upper body. But don’t believe that if a person has small legs, he or she is definitely using steroids; DNA and a proper training routine also play an important role.




3. B*tch Tits


This abnormality happens when there is too much testosterone. While people who don’t use steroids rarely produce that much testosterone, it’s just as harmful as when there is too little of it.

The reason is that when there is too much of this hormone, it converts into estrogen; the female sex hormone. While males also produce a bit of estrogen (it’s needed to stay healthy), too much testosterone that converts into estrogen results in b*tch tits.


4. Acne Problems


Increased levels of hormones make sebaceous glands work much harder and can cause acne, especially on the back. However, you’ll rarely see it on bodybuilders because in championships they use a lot of fake tan which makes acne near invisible.


5. Stretch Marks


Another factor that may help you to determine if a person uses steroids is stretch marks. Most often, stretch marks become visible if a person achieves drastic gains in a very short time. It’s because massive muscle growth makes it hard for the skin to stretch at the same rate that the muscles grow at, causing stretch marks.  Look for them on the upper lats, pectorals, and biceps.


6. A Shockingly Fast Transformation


If you see a person who has been in the same shape for a long time and then without any particular reason has become a lot more athletic, it may be the result of steroids. Of course, if a person starts to lift for the first time and does everything properly, great results are easy to achieve even without steroids.

However, if these results are so great that a person gained 10 pounds of muscle and leaned out a lot, it’s safe to say that the person is either using steroids or is a genetic monster.