10 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured Camera


While bombing for real can make people call you a terrorist, there is no law to deny you the guilty pleasure of ruining photos.

Photobombing is one of the most socially significant phenomena going on in the online environment, and it serves one purpose – making others feel miserable and insecure and showing how awkward you can be.

Some people photobomb on purpose and want to see the world burn. However, there are cases where the action is involuntarily and involves no malicious intention. We do not know in which category to put animals, but we have all reasons to believe at least some of them are aware of the fact that they can annoy people this way.

Forget about textbook photos! Selfies, photobombs, and everything else going beyond clichés from the next generation. Who on earth wants to go back to the rule of thirds and other annoying design good practices?


10. Innocent Japanese Schoolgirls


Japan is the home of the weird and this photo points in the same direction.

It is rumored that bored Japanese men are doing this as a sport. Each time a group is taking the time to devise the perfect setup someone else in the background feels his blood pumping.

Unbuckling a belt and taking one’s shirt off can be achieved in a matter of seconds, enough to fool the unsuspecting photographer.

Photobombing is an art and a dangerous sport at the same time. Stay for too long at the scene of the crime and police will charge you with indecent exposure.

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