12 Selfie Photobombs That Will Teach You To Look Back Twice

There is no greater pleasure in life than to ruin someone else’s photo. If it’s a selfie you are destroying, it is even better.

Be careful while reading this! The daily selfie will never feel the same once you get to know the awful stuff that can happen while you prep. Say hello to insecurities and the constant feeling that someone is stalking you and trying to creep behind you before the shot.

It should be a no-brainer, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. Always double check the photos you are eager to unleash in social media. Unless you want to feel the burn, try to remove any funny stuff going on in the background.

These 17 selfie photobombs will teach you to be suspicious of any child, animal, or random weird dude just waiting to ruin the experience for you.

12. Perfect Timing


A quick look reveals nothing wrong with this selfie. Just another dog is eager to share with the rest of the canine world its fabulous haircut.

Wait a second! Since when the man’s best friend got so fancy? What you are seeing is a phenomenon which rarely occurs in modern photography.

The perfect timing made this selfie fail so hard it won. Of course, there will always be the ones that see a different picture.

Genetics is quite advanced nowadays, and no one would be surprised for people to opt for a complete face transplant.
Being called a ‘good boy’ and having your belly rubbed sounds tantalizing enough to go under the knife.

The next photobombed pic will teach about the hazards involved with taking a selfie during baseball practice.